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Dark wooden background with a Christmas Garland stretched out on the Left hand side from top to bottom. On the garland are some wooden stars and fir cones along with some dark red berries. To the right of the garland is a Christmas Decoration in the shape of a star with a red ribbon. The decoration is a picture of a boy's head and shoulders with a santa hat saying Merry Christmas. Decoration as supplied by Photogifts.co.uk

Star (MDF)

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Create your very own Christmas tree decorations - our star-shaped MDF option is lightweight and therefore perfect for the smaller or weaker tree.

  • Double-sided hanging decoration
  • Same or different design printed on each side
  • Lightweight MDF material
  • Dimensions: 60x60mm (WxH) approx.
  • Weight: 5g approx
  • Supplied with ribbon for hanging