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Ever wanted to get a tattoo but couldn’t decide what was right for you and didn’t want to make a huge mistake? Maybe the thought of needles scares you? Our custom temporary tattoos offer the safe and tested solution – quality printed tattoos that you can simply scrub off and replace at will.

You’ll have seen temporary tattoos before most likely but maybe not realised – they’re widely used in the film industry which just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you see on the big screen! What, I hear you say - Sharknado wasn’t real? Simply and carefully cut out your chosen design that we’ll print on an A4 sheet for you and apply to the skin with a wet cloth for a few seconds – peel the backing off gently and voilá, you’ve been inked!

TOP TIPS – put a little talcum powder or sunscreen on them once dried as it dulls down the shine and makes them look even more realistic! Second, and quite importantly, if you’re as hairy as Cousin It from the Addams Family – best have a shave as they work best on smooth hairless skin.

Now clearly not every tattoo is A4, so we provide templates to allow you to print multiple tattoos on the sheet – repeat the same tattoo (great maybe for a stag/hen/kids party) or try some different designs for yourself and swap them over every few days. There’s no limit to the possibilities, so have some fun and see how easy it is to freak out your family and friends!

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  • Temporary Tattoo A4 Sheet
    Temporary tattoo as shown on a shoulder as produced by Photogifts.co.uk
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