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5x5" Square Acrylic Block (127x127mm)

5x5" Square Acrylic Block (127x127mm)

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Our 5x5" Square Acrylic Block - perfectly balanced!

  • Single Sided
  • Freestanding
  • Diamond polished acrylic
  • Dimensions: 127x127x20mm (WxHxD) approx.
  • Weight: 370g approx.
  • Ideal Artwork: 131x131mm (WxH) @ 300dpi

Our 5x5" Acrylic Photo Block nestles nicely in the middle of or square options. As always with our Acrylic Blocks, we start by printing a vibrant and superbly defined photo using the very latest Canon 12-colour printer before bonding this to the rear of the block using optically clear laminate.

We only use cast acrylic - more expensive to buy but with much better clarity it is the only way to go for Photogifts! The blocks are professionally cut to size and then diamond polished on all edges for a silky smooth finish that lets the light pass seamlessly through the block to give your photo that almost 3D appearance.

We make our Acrylic Photo Blocks with proper photographs because it simply produces the best quality. Other companies either sublimate onto specially coated blocks, or UV print direct onto the block but these methods simply do not provide the depth of colour and clarity and our method is the same as used by may professional photo labs around the world, so you can be sure that at Photogifts we are bringing you the best quality at great prices, everyday!

Why not order several blocks and create your own little collage by stacking them together? They are so versatile and bring your images to life.